great and small

SALT is pleased as punch to share our newest creative endeavor: “Great and Small" 

Our "house band" Butterflyfish – whose debut album was hailed as “the O Brother, Where Art Thou? for all ages” – has taken another delightful turn.  And this time, the toe-tapping musical project was inspired by an image from an ancient Jewish tale:

Every person should have two pockets, the story goes, with a scrap of paper in each.  One scrap should read, “I am but dust and ashes,” a line from the Book of Genesis, and the other should read, “For my sake was the world created,” a line from the Talmud.  Whenever we feel too proud, the rabbis taught, we should read the first piece of paper; whenever we feel discouraged, we should read the second.

Taken with this idea, Matt penned the song “Great and Small” – and so begins the album of the same name, a sweetly varied collection of originals sprinkled with a few updated classics, all brought to life with a rootsy blend of folk, bluegrass, gospel, and the spiritual themes so typical of old American music.  The result is music that appeals equally to kids, parents, and grandparents – “all-ages songs” that are infectiously singable, sweetly evocative, and inclusively accessible across generational and spiritual divides. 

Have a listen to "Great and Small" and let us know what you think: