a simple prayer

Dear God,

I heard on the news this morning that the Northern Lights are fading...  

Our best scientists are saying that the Lights usually follow an eleven year “solar cycle” of ebb and flow, sheets of color draping across the sky and dancing wildly for years before tapering off and coming back to life again. 

But here’s the thing: according to that cycle, the Lights should be getting stronger now, but they’re not.  The heavenly, luminous tide is not coming back in.  And no-one knows why.

Living God, God of sun and stars, God of orbits and tides, God who dances across the northern sky and lights up the night, do not hide your face from us.  Do not let this mystery fade away. Come back to life again, around us and within us, again and again so that we might see, and marvel, and delight, and believe.  Amen.