Easter: Part Three

Easter Resource

What does Easter mean?

Easter means that God vindicates love.

Easter means that God vindicates nonviolence in the face of violence, defiant forgiveness in the face of hostility, courage in the face of despair, aggressive and abiding peace in times of war.

Easter means that there is no need for anyone to “pay the price” of sin or guilt or shame; there is no outstanding balance on our account.  God has paid the price, cancelled the debt, wiped the slate clean.  As Jesus puts it:  “Go in peace, and sin no more.”

Easter means that God has turned one of the worst things in the world – the Roman imperial cross, an instrument of torture, shame, death, and intimidation – into a beautiful sign of salvation, peace, forgiveness, and love.  And if such a dreadful thing is turned into such a beautiful thing, think of what else this God will do.

Easter means God is just getting started.  Easter is the dove returning to Noah’s ark with a fresh olive leaf.  Though water is all we can see for miles around, the leaf is decisive evidence that the flood is over, that the tides have turned.

Easter means joy.  Easter means, "Yes!"  Easter means the first crocus, fragile and indomitable, has just broken through.

So, that's what Easter means to us - let us know what it means to you!

Happy Easter,