Find Your Slow Summer

Slow Summer Printable

Having trouble forming your summer “bucket list” in a way that inspires adventure, yet allows for ample breathing room?  Enter SALT's, "Find Your Slow Summer" downloadable guide.  This resource is a delightful printable that gives purpose to your summer in all the important ways.  Its whimsical illustrations and thought-provoking conversation starters will make documenting this epic summer that much more enjoyable!

At SALT, we never fail to appreciate the delectable changing of the seasons.  In this early summer, it’s the spark of inspiration for embarking on grand journeys through berry bushes, slurping popsicles before they melt into puddles, and jumping feet first into refreshing depths of clear water.  This magical time sets the stage for family togetherness and spiritual connection.  Whether we’re barbecuing in the backyard, or playing a board game after dinner, these are the memories that will stay with us when the kids are grown and the house is quiet.  We relish in the slow-moving, lemonade-sipping season that eases us into fall, but we won’t let it pass without squeezing every last bit of joy from its rind. 

Summer is ripe with opportunities for strengthening family bonds, exploring new and exotic flavors, and appreciating the amazing seasons God created for us to enjoy.  With our guided steps and suggestions, savor summer and its sweet and sundrenched beauty through small but intentional activities.  And, don’t feel obligated to complete every single item - this is not homework!  Indulge in what makes you happy and what makes your loved ones’ hearts sing, because those are the only checklists that truly matter. 

Share this printable with your congregation by printing at home or in the office, or outsource the job to a local printer that can assemble and staple them for you!  Together, we can commit to small steps toward a slow summer full of remarkable memories of ordinary (and quite extraordinary!) experiences.

Find Your Slow Summer Printable

p.s.  It also comes with wallpaper for all your devices to help you remember to unplug and, "Go Play!"