Rainbow Bread and Standing On the Side of Love


Once in a lifetime, you overhear a child describing what church is all about, and his description hits home!  Especially in these days of so much strife and division, we need visions of church that are simple, beautiful, and inspiring...  

So, we grabbed a microphone, some bread, and as many colors of the rainbow as we could find - and the result is this lovely little film.  

Check it out - it's one of our favorites!

If your church is one of those communities standing on the side of love in the face of so much hate and discord, this Customizable Short Film can be tailored to your congregation, to help get the word out and spiff up your church website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram feed - anywhere you need a boost of fresh, inspiring content.

Congregations across the country are using our Customizable Short Films in the following ways:  1) as an engaging welcome on the home page of their church’s website; 2) as a charming invitation that folks can share (via email, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) with friends, family members, co-workers, etc.; 3) as a zippy thank you note that churches can send to visitors after they show up on Sunday morning; 4) as a dynamic piece of film to watch in worship; and 5) as a creative TV/radio spot to help spread the word about their community.

In our experience, many well-resourced, tech-savvy churches are using short films in just this way – but such films can cost buckets of money to produce individually.  So our idea is to provide the same high production values and tailored-to-your-church touch, but at a *much* more affordable cost (and with a fresh love-and-justice-oriented twist!).

We're making these films available to congregations on a sliding scale basis ($175-$375), depending on the size of your church:  $175 for churches with 50–100 members; $275 for churches with 100–500 members; and $375 for churches with more than 500 members (we’re also open to a “pay what you can” model in special circumstances).

So, let us know if you’d like us to customize one for you!  And, as always, thanks for your interest and support of SALT - we couldn't do it without you!

Peace and Rainbows,

The SALT Team

Rainbow Bread
from 175.00