Spice Up Your Church's Social Media with Canva

Spice Up Your Church's Social Media

Are you craving a social media content upgrade for your church, but not sure how to spice things up?

SALT’s professional recommendation for an instant social media post upgrade is simple: join over 10 million people designing on Canva.  Anyone, whether an individual or organization, can access Canva’s free photo editing and design tools, but churches (and other eligible nonprofits) receive a special benefit that your average social media guru doesn’t.  Receive Canva’s premium version free by signing up for your account under your church’s umbrella, and start upping your social media game almost instantly! 

Research shows that social media posts with graphics and/or photos attract much more attention than posts that are copy-only.  In fact, when it comes to Facebook, images receive almost 90% of fans’ attention and engagement!

With Canva, creating appealing images that beg to be shared puts your church back in the social media sweet spot for audience engagement.  A range of templates and design types will greet you when you sign up, and there are tons of image options for different social media platforms that do much of the design work for you.  Whether you start from scratch or let Canva take the lead on colors, fonts, and layouts, it’s never been easier to market your church! 

Once you see the difference vibrant images can make in getting people to connect with your church's community online, you’ll be hooked.  In today’s increasingly digital-focused world, going online for congregation engagement and growth is a super smart choice - and now it’s one that's super easy and affordable, too!

Happy creating,

The SALT Project