Advent In Full Color: Devotional Coloring Booklet


Imagine journeying through this Advent with poetry by Mary Oliver and Howard Thurman, fresh daily practices for you and your congregation, vivid scriptural passages, and accessible, bite-sized meditations on the season's key theological themes - all wrapped up in an interactive, intergenerational coloring book by renowned illustrator Jordan Sunburg of Tin Cup Design!

Introducing Advent in Full Color, SALT's devotional coloring book for this year's Advent season.  As you know, coloring books, pages, and posters are everywhere these days, and for good reason:  for young and old alike, coloring can be expressive, meditative, stress-relieving, and just plain fun.  Advent in Full Color offers modern and theologically rich designs that evoke the season’s deeper meanings and mysteries, pairing beautifully with devotional poems, meditations, and practices.

What's more, this downloadable devotional coloring book includes an editable page on which you can enter your church's name, upcoming worship services, and other events before printing.  The result is a devotional resource that looks and feels like your own, organically integrating it into the life of your congregation.

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The SALT Team

p.s.  Here are some sneak peaks of what's inside - and, if you'd like us to send you the content in advance feel free to contact us :)