Revive Your Invitation to Offering and Prayer of Dedication

Call to Offering

It’s true: after one leads worship Sunday after Sunday for years on end, certain parts of the service can become rote, routine, and sometimes uninspired.  An ongoing challenge during my 10 years of ministry was the Invitation to Offering and Prayer of Dedication. 

If you're anything like me, this particular part of worship could use a little reviving.  So, here's one to put in your quiver, to help bring these lovely moments alive again - for you and your congregation!

Invitation to Offering

Here’s what I believe:

I believe night always gives way to the dawn

I believe war always gives way to peace

I believe death is always shattered by life

Here’s what I believe:

I believe God is doing a new thing

Every minute of every day, God is at work, around us and within us

For the homeless, a place to live

For the hungry, a feast

For the thirsty, a cup of cold clean water that runneth over

For the weary, rest

For the lonely, a friend

For the sick, healing and wholeness

Here’s what I believe:

Every minute of every day, God is making all things new, giving and giving and giving again

And you are called, we are called to be a part of God's work of generosity

You are called to give, to surrender your time, talent, and treasure to this God-work of making all things new

You are called to give

We are called to give

The morning offering will now be given and received!

Prayer of Dedication

Loving God, with this money, make a whole new world

With these gifts, help make real what your prophets declare, that mourning and crying and pain will be no more

With these people, help make a world where everyone is loved, a world where justice and compassion roll down like a mighty stream, a world where everyone has warm food, cool water, healthcare, and friends - a world where death is no more, where mourning and crying and pain are no more!

Do it now, God, in the name of your son, our sweet Savior Jesus Christ.  And the people of God said, “Amen.”

If you’re a pastor (or a lay person!) who needs a little offering of inspiration, take the words above and use them as your own, or tweak them to fit your church context.  Happy reviving!