This Christmas Revolutionize Your Church Library

Church Library Revolution.jpg

Have you ever actually read something in your church library?  Hopefully your answer is Yes.  But while church libraries have great potential to create change, too many just collect dust – and so this Christmas, we’re calling for a church library revolution!  That’s right: let's make your library the most happening place in the building (besides the coffee table in the fellowship hall).  To get you started, here are 6 of our favorite picture books with themes of social justice, perfectly digestible for readers of all ages, and costs less than $70 for the entire set.  

Let's make this a Yuletide to remember for your church library – and start the New Year off right!  

Once your inspiring new collection is in hand, you can:

  • Celebrate the new arrivals with an announcement in worship, inviting families to check them out
  • Use the books as a basis for a sermon series in January on social justice
  • Create a book basket in the sanctuary for youngsters who stay in worship
  • Develop an all-ages "picture book club" for some life-changing intergenerational discussions
  • Use the books as baptism or dedication gifts

Please note: if you decide to purchase any of these little gems, please consider doing so by clicking the links below.  They are Amazon affiliate links, which means SALT will earn a small commission on any purchases that originate here.  You'll pay the same price, of course; the only difference will be that some of the money will go to SALT instead of Amazon.  It's really a win-win for everyone: we recommend awesome books we've read, you buy them for your church library (or your home!), and SALT gets a little boost to help us do more of what we do.

Finally, without futher ado, here are six books that will single-handledly revolutionize your church library and help build a new generation of social activists:

We March
By Shane W. Evans

On a famous day in 1963, the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom ended with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. This book tells the story with beautiful art and prose.  Themes: civil rights, black history, racial harmony

This girl wants to be a drummer, but her musical island has one rule: girls can’t be drummers. She practices in secret until she has the chance to show the world what she can do.  Themes: gender equality, opportunity

Her Right Foot
By Dave Eggers

Take a closer look at our most famous statue and explore the powerful message of acceptance Lady Liberty carries on her right foot. Themes: equality, acceptance

Florence Mills was a legendary singer born to parents who were former slaves. Her journey to Broadway required her to combat racism and prejudice every step of the way. Themes: civil rights, racism, slavery

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, proves that disagreeing isn’t the same as being disagreeable. She fights against inequality, injustice and unfair treatment.  Themes: gender equality, female leadership, social justice

Malala's Magic Pencil
By Malala Yousafzai

Malala once wished for a magic pencil that could solve Pakistan’s problems, but she soon realized hard work was the only way to make those wishes come true.  Themes: Middle East, social change, hope

Before you zip on over to Amazon and start planning your revolutionary sermon series, what are your favorite picture books on social justice? Tell us in the comments below!