Last Call:  Advent Film and Print Resources!

Advent Film and Print Resources for Churches

There’s still time (but only a little!) to spruce up your congregation’s evangelism, engagement, and spiritual well being this Advent and Christmas.  This mysterious and theologically rich time of year is perfect for inviting new folks to worship, and at the same time deepening your community’s connection with the season.  Here’s a quick overview of SALT's Advent customizable film and print resources for your church's planning pleasure:

God’s Revolution of Love:  Our newest Customizable Short Film for Advent, framing the season as a time to sing with Mary of God’s love and justice that lifts up the lowly and turns everything upside down.  Pair it with SALT’s beautiful coloring posters and pages (featured in the film), and/or SALT’s new devotional coloring book for all ages, and you’ve got yourself an Advent in full color.

Advent Calendar
from 175.00

Advent Calendar:  Our classic Customizable Short Film on Advent as a time of active waiting, preparing day by day as we approach the manger.  Pair this one with SALT’s best-selling interactive Advent calendar (featured in the film), complete with an illustrated card and suggested practice for each day.

Advent Countdown
from 175.00

Advent Countdown:  This Customizable Short Film presents the Advent season as a time to slow down, to buy less, to eat less, and to savor the traditional themes of hope, peace, joy, and love.  In a world where the average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts this year, totaling more than $465 billion, it's a good idea to encourage your folks to choose an alternative path that more in keeping with the true meaning of Christmas.

Advent Nativity
from 175.00

Advent Nativity:  Finally, a staff favorite here at SALT, this Customizable Short Film uses Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” as an entre into the wonder and sweetness of the season, a time when disciples of all ages follow a star, light candles, and sing together on Christmas Eve.

Well, those are some of the Advent and Christmas resources we've created over the years!  Order your customizable film or print resource (or both!) before midnight on Tuesday, November 28th, and make this Advent season more vibrant, engaged, and theologically rich than ever! 

Peace (and hope, joy, and love),

The SALT Team

p.s.  Don’t forget about SALT’s lovely Clip Art Collection, perfect for taking the beauty of your bulletin (or screen!) to the next level!  We've got some lovely Advent art that will make your church look AH-mazing!  #pinkpromise