Church Communication Doesn't Have to Suck!


A large portion of SALT’s work is helping congregations become better storytellers.  

Truth be told, there’s something deeply wrong with mainline congregations: their marketing, communication, and storytelling efforts lack beauty, inspiration, and professionalism.  In short, most progressive church communication suck!  

We’re sorry if this sounds offensive, but here’s the thing: we’ve got a beautiful, inspirational, and salvific story to tell and most churches don’t know how to do it well.

Enter SALT!

In addition to SALT's Customizable Short Films (perfect to zip up your website, FB page, and any and all social media platforms), we're now offering stunning, affordable, easy-to-use, sometimes sassy, and a touch feminine (it’s about time!) church clip art that can be used for bulletin, newsletters, mass mailers, note cards, office art, email blasts, websites, etc. 

Here are some samples:

LGBT Church Clip Art

We love churches and, I’m sure we can all agree, they need a little aesthetic help (sometimes a lot!) sharing the good news of God's love that is already overwhelming the world with beauty, healing, justice, and inspiration all around!

Thanks be to God, SALT can be part of a new world order where crappy websites and dorky clip art are “finished and gone; and everything is becoming fresh and new!”

As always, let us know what you guys think - we're desperate for any and all feedback!


The SALT Team