Introducing SALT Clip Art


Over here at SALT, we are grateful for pastors who pray, teach, preach, visit the sick, sing to those in prison, and create bulletins week after week after week - and so, we are working hard to create beautiful, life-giving, original clip art to support you and your churches.  

And, because this week’s lectionary features Jesus’ powerful and poignant telling of the prodigal son, we’ve started our clip art journey with Luke 15:32, “The one who was lost has been found.”

A few things to note about SALT clip art:

1.  We are committed to making this art work reasonable for small and large churches alike – we’re charging $4.99 per download, but please feel free to “top up” that price-point by giving a tax-deductible donation here if you feel so moved! 

2.  After purchasing your SALTy clip art, a link to a downloadable, high resolution, .png file of the image above will be sent to your email (pssst, this will be an image of the "wreath and text" and not the wreath inside the frame!).

3.  These graphics are for church use only. You MAY use these graphics for church bulletins, newsletters, brochures, website graphics, etc.  You MAY NOT resell or redistribute these graphics or share them with individuals, businesses, and/or organizations.  Also, please do not use these graphics in any commercial projects without permission.

Okay, that’s all from us - as always, let us know what you think of what we're doing over here at SALT (we love hearing from folks and gathering any and all feedback!).


The SALT Team