The Best Part of Life by Glennon Doyle Melton

Sistering by Glennon Doyle Melton

SALT peeps! 

A couple of months ago we teamed up with Glennon Doyle Melton (New York Times Bestselling author of, Carry On, Warrior, mastermind behind, and all around amazingly strong and witty human being!) to create a short film.

Here’s the backstory: at one of Glennon’s recent speaking gigs, someone stood up and asked, “Glennon, if you could give women one piece of advice, what would it be?”

Glennon said, “Sister each other, because sistering is the best part of life.”

Then, she described what “sistering” is, what it looks like, what it feels like, why it's so important – then, over here at SALT, we tried our best to put all that beauty, wisdom, support, and hope into a short film called, The Best Part of Life.

Here’s Glennon original script:

Carpenters know that the building block of a structure is the joist.

A joist is a special, strong beam that supports a greater structure.

Sometimes a joist has to carry such a heavy load that is starts to weaken.

When that happens, the carpenter connects another board to the left of the weakening board.

If that doesn’t strengthen it enough, she connects another board to the right and, with that extra support, the joist is strong enough to carry almost anything.

Guess what this this process of joist strengthening is called?  SISTERING!

You can’t build a strong, beautiful, complicated structure - whether it’s a building or a life – without SISTERING.

Women are special, strong people who hold up the world but sometimes life’s load gets too hard and heavy for them to carry alone.

I think the hard is purposeful: so that we’ll need our sisters.

If everything feels too heavy right now, it might mean that you need a sister to your left and a sister to your right to help steady you and strengthen you and hold you together.

It might be time for a sister joist.

My life is just a dance between being sistered and sistering others.

And my favorite thing about being part of a sister joist is that you don’t have to say the right thing, you just have to stand there and be strong.

SISTERING: t’s the best part of life because when I’m weak, then I’m strong.

Find your sister joists.

Be a sister joist.

And, here’s how we chose to illuminate that beautiful script:

Needless to say, we’ve been BLOWN AWAY by the response to this short film!  At this very moment, it’s received 8,197 likes, 4,656 shares, and 509 of the sweetest comments on Facebook and 47,200 views on Vimeo (and counting!).

Thanks to everyone for your kind words, your emails of support, and for all the sistering you do day in and day out - we could do any of this fun and important work without this lovely and utterly SALTy community! 


The SALT Team