Welcome Home!

Week of Compassion

It may not seem like it sometimes, but coming home from a long day of work and taking off your shoes at the front door is a luxury.  Kissing your loved ones and sitting down to dinner in a warm home is a gift.  Knowing you have a pillow to rest your head at night is a blessing.

Refugees from around the world seek the basic things so many of us take for granted in our everyday lives and are waiting for the day when they too have a place to call home.

Thanks be to God, because of many local agencies around the country, this is becoming a reality.  Resettling 888 courageous refugees in 2015 alone, Indy’s own Exodus Refugee looks forward to welcoming even more in 2016.  Arranging necessities such as housing, food, clothing, education and more, individuals who seek refuge and the most basic human rights are starting new lives and each of them have a unique story to tell.

Speaking of stories, here's an amazing narrative (full of both struggle and hope!) that we had the privilege of helping  Week of Compassion tell:

May all those who seek refuge find a place to lay their heads tonight.  May they one day be greeted at the front door and hear a the soft voice of someone they love sweetly whisper, “Welcome home!”


The SALT Team