Eastertide Short Film

Well, we're just putting the final touches on our customizable short film for Eastertide!

The basic idea is that congregations around the country could use this film (1) as an engaging piece on your church's home webpage; and/or (2) as a charming invitation that church folks could forward to their friends, family members, co-workers, etc.; and/or (3) as a zippy thank you note to all those visitors who showed up for worship on Easter morning.  

We're committed to making these seasonal films available to congregations on a sliding scale basis ($175-$375), depending on the size of your church.  $175 for churches with 50 – 100 members; $275 for churches with 100 – 500 members; and $375 for churches with more than 500 members.

Please let us know if you’d like to take part in the Eastertide round - and, if so, please email your church's name, website, "pay scale," and contact information to: liz@saltproject.org (we'll need this by the end of the day tomorrow!). 

As always, thanks for your interest and support of the SALT project - we couldn't do any of this fun stuff without you!

Peace and jellybeans,

The SALT Team

Elizabeth MyerComment