Eastertide Video Idea

Greetings everyone,

We’re cooking up a new and exciting idea here at SALT, and we're writing to invite you to take part in the pilot project. 

The basic idea is to provide you and your congregation with a beautiful, compelling short film, personalized and tailored to your context, celebrating the Easter season.  You would use this film (1) as an engaging piece embedded in the home page of your church’s website; and/or (2) as a charming invitation that church folks can forward to their friends, family members, co-workers, etc.; and/or (3) as a zippy thank you note to all those visitors that show up for worship on Easter morning.  Many well-resourced, tech-savvy churches are using short films in just this way – but the films can buckets of money to produce individually. 

Our idea is to provide the same high production value and tailored-to-your-church touch, but at a *much* more affordable cost.

Here are the details:

For this pilot, we envision a short film on the Easter season (we’re thinking 45 seconds!) with every ounce of wit, style, sass, flair, depth, and beauty you've come to expect from SALT (and then some!).  The film will include your congregation’s name, website, and logo, fully integrated and organic to the piece, and designed for you to upload onto your own YouTube and/or Vimeo pages and then embed onto the home page of your website.  You can then embed or link to this film in email invitations and follow-up thank you notes – and in any case, the film will simultaneously serve as a fresh new way to let folks know who you are as a church, and let the beautiful light of your congregation shine through a very “current,” engaging, and effective medium.  

To give you a feel for what we have in mind, here’s a rough draft of the film’s script (and visual references are in the collage above!):


At (Central Christian Church), here’s what we believe: 

Easter is more than just one day...

Easter is a season...

A honeymoon for the church...

50 days to celebrate that: 

Love is stronger than hate, 

hope is stronger than despair,

life has put death to death. 

Easter is a season, from April to June...

A season set apart to proclaim this good news: 

All the mourning, crying, pain, war, addiction, depression...

They have all passed away. 

Easter is more than just one day...

More than just a season, really...

Easter is a way of being in the world.

Easter is a way of life.

Easter never ends.

Come and be God’s Easter people...

Central Christian Church 



Now, the cost.  We envision making these seasonal films available to each congregation on a sliding scale basis ($175-$375), depending on the size of your church.  $175 for churches with 50 – 100 members; $275 for churches with 100 – 500 members; and $375 for churches with more than 500 members.

Please let us know if you’d like to explore this further.  And thanks for your interest and support of the SALT project!


The SALT Team