we’re almost there

I was surprised by the flowers that appeared seemingly overnight outside my window a couple of weeks ago.  They sing again that after winter comes spring; after death, life. 

The Lent and Easter rhythm has been whispering this truth, too, though it's been weeks of deaths - some paper cuts, some deep wounds - with life still around the corner with more death in between. 

Lately I've been relishing the birds singing.  In particular, their singing in the dark before sunrise, when it still looks like night.  Their chirping conversations are reminding me that the cycle of life following death isn't just an annual thing in Creation. 

It's daily. 

After what's sometimes a long, dark night, the birds are announcing that the light is coming.  They proclaim that we're almost through the darkness.  They trumpet that the sun will rise - soon - and we're almost there.


A big SALT "thank you" to Rev. Brent Wright, pastor extraordinary of Broad Ripple United Methodist Church, for sending in this tender and broken meditation.  We think it's the perfect thing to keep in mind as we walk through the valley of death before entering into the promise of Easter.  And, thanks to Barbara for this red-breasted harbinger of hope!