I still do it.  On any given day, you can find me walking around the world, reading at a coffee shop, surfing the web, notebook and pen in hand - and whenever I come across a tiny shoot pushing through the cold ground, or read something that makes my heart sing, I write it down.

And then later, when the wind and rain comes around, I go back to my notebook.  I go from page to page reading and remembering those people, experiences, books, and pearls of wisdom that gave me hope.  And invariably, they give me hope again.  

So we’re going to try our hand at tweeting, because this is what we know:  everyone needs inspiration, soul food for the journey.  From Buddha to Jesus, favorite poems to favorite songs, St. Francis to Aretha Franklin - we'll tweet, and we hope you’ll sign up, follow us, and share what inspires you.  

That's our vision for the SALT community, after all, a community of inspiration, a circle of inspired, inspiring people in a world that so desperately needs to breathe. 


Thanks to Amir Kuckovic for this inspiring photo!