thank you

As lightening flashes,  thunder rolls, and tornados sweep across the country (even here in Massachusetts), I'm reminded of this sweet, soft, spring-time meditation by Amy Piatt, minister, mama, and "milagro" extraordinaire!  


Thank you, quivering Aspen leaf - new and green outside my window.  

Thank you for your persistence and silly demands for my attention.  Now you have it.  I am smiling.  I can’t help myself and neither can you.  It’s what we were made for.

I watched you die.  I was certain.  You withered and fell.  We both gave up.

Still, beneath it all was more.  We are not so different, you and me.  We're both deeply rooted, surrounded by light and waiting.

And it’s enough.  



Over here at SALT, we're praying hard for everyone who has been affected by the severe storms this season.  May you be deeply rooted and surrounded by God's light...  And, thanks to Bryan Davidson for capturing the green of Spring in all it's glory!