Next time it rains, remember your baptism.  It's the same water:  the snow on the mountains, the spring melt, the rivers, the creeks, the reservoirs, the plumbing or bottles or buckets all the way to the font, the minister's hand, raindrops glistening on a forehead.  Forgiveness.  Love.

Next time it rains, remember the Red Sea.  It's the same water:  that vision of blue in the dusty, narrow days in Egypt, the back-breaking bricks -- and then that night, that call, the flight to the shore, the waters that opened up like a birth canal.  Freedom.  Hope.

Next time it rains, remember the Jordan, remember Noah, remember Mary's womb.  Remember the tears of Jeremiah, Rachel, and Jesus.  Remember the mists of Eden, the foot washing, justice rolling down like a mighty stream.

It's the same water.  Grace falling from heaven.  Washing everything clean.

Next time it rains, remember.


Thanks to Andrew for this great shot.