On Thursday, March 21st, under the cover of night, twelve armed men broke into Bishop Patrick and Rev. Francoise Villier's home; tied them up, hands and feet; took away their computers and cell phones; and kidnapped their youngest son, Demetress.  His body was later found by police in a remote area of town (Patrick and Francoise are the leaders of the National Spiritual Council of Churches of Haiti.  CONASPEH, in partnership with Global Ministries, is a national council of churches comprised of more than 8,000 small, mostly rural congregations who live, work, and breath God’s gospel of liberation and Jesus' preferential treatment for the poor).

“Death comes,” said Bishop Villier, “but our God still reigns: life will not cease and love will never sleep.  My son I thought to be lost, will be found.  For, we know that with Christ, death is only a transition from one life to another. Demetress still lives: I see him almost every night, playing football, smiling and happy!”

Patrick and Francoise went on to thank God’s church around the world for their support: “This is to thank all those who have sent their messages of solidarity, their love, their sadness, their pain, their faith and prayers – all are important in this thorny and shadowy moment.  Because of all your prayers, we know that we are not abandoned and we are once again full of strength and courage by seeing your unwavering faith.  We are proud of you, brothers and sisters from across the faith, we are also proud to be in this wonderful family without borders.”

Over here at SALT, we are praying without ceasing for the Villier family and we ask that you hold them in your prayers as well.  We would like to dedicate our latest short film entitled, “Proverbs,” to Demetress Villier and donate 100% of it’s sales to CONASPEH (the organization that taught our very own Liz Myer how to be a Christian!).  

"Proverbs" is available over at the SALT Store.  It is ready and waiting to be shown in worship or on retreat, so that we all might remember, in prayer and in action, our brothers and sister in Haiti and around the world!

With love and solidarity,

The SALT Team