mary's milk

This past Sunday, churches around the world celebrated the Feast of the Assumption.  To continue this celebration, we're reposting this sweet post about Mary, our mother and our friend.


What will Joseph think?  What will my family think?  What will everyone at synagogue think?

Her mind was so full of questions that she hardly noticed her body beginning to change. What once was flat became a holy little dome, and before she knew it, she was eating everything in sight.  The more she ate, the more she grew; the more she grew, the more her skin began to stretch; the more her skin began to stretch, the more those red stretch marks started to creep across her belly and down her legs.  Joseph said she was glowing -- but all she felt was big and round and fat.

Then her time came:  the water ran down her legs, and everything started to tighten and release, tighten and release, tighten and release.

Joseph was such a good partner.  Breathing with her, staying by her side hour after hour after hour -- until all at once, miraculously, God slipped into the world with a soft spot on his head and, before the sun came up that morning, Mary's milk on his breath. 

Hail Mary full of grace, God is with you. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, for you have given birth to the Savior of our souls.  Amen.