here's why we hope

Because of your promise, and according to your own heart, you have wrought all this greatness... + 2 Samuel 7: 21

Sometimes, you're hopeful because it's all you have left.  Your options are exhausted, and all you can do is bow your head, cross your fingers, and hope.  That ain't Advent.

Advent is hoping for a reason, and with a purpose.  The reason: God has already wrought all this greatness.  The purpose: So that you can get in on the action.

Here's why we hope: 2000 years ago, God entered the world and took on full humanity so that none of us would ever have to lose ours.

Here's why we hope: 54 years ago today, God entered the world in Rosa Parks, refused to move from her seat, and sparked a movement that continues to help people claim the fullness of their humanity to this day.

Here's why we hope: today is World AIDS Day.  Today, God is entering the world in thousands upon thousands of healthcare professionals and activists and clergy and financial donors and educators and YOU, so that men in America's urban gay ghettos and women in Africa and children born to infected parents and everybody in between who lives with HIV or AIDS might live their full humanity, too.  

Learn more and get in on the action at World AIDS Campaign

Sometimes, you hope because it's all you have left.  In Advent, you hope because God has already wrought all this greatness, and because you know God well enough to expect more.

God, grant us the gift of hope in your future, and grant that we might be in on the action of building it.  Amen.


A big SALT thank you to the honorable and awesome Rev. Quinn G. Caldwell, Associate Minister of Old South Church in Boston, writer for the Stillspeaking Daily Devotionals who originally published this lovely, little devotion, and star of SALT's signature film Bless.  He really is too good to be true!  Also, thanks to Zitona for capturing God's soft and hope-filled light.