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SALT's musical experiment “Butterflyfish” – whose debut album, “Ladybug,” was hailed as the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?  for all ages” – has taken another delightful turn with its follow-up album, “Great and Small.”  And this time, the project was inspired by an ancient Jewish tale.

The tale goes like this:  every person should have two pockets, with a scrap of paper in each.  One scrap should read, “I am but dust and ashes,” a line from the Book of Genesis.  And the other should read, “For my sake was the world created,” a line from the Talmud.  Whenever we feel too proud, the rabbis taught, we should read the first; whenever we feel discouraged, we should read the second.

Taken with this idea, Butterflyfish penned the song “Great and Small” – and so began the album of the same name, a sweetly varied collection of originals sprinkled with a few updated classics, all brought to life with a rootsy blend of folk, bluegrass, gospel, and the spiritual themes so typical of old American music.  The result is a collection of tunes that appeal equally to kids, parents, and grandparents – “all-ages songs” that are infectiously singable, sweetly evocative, and inclusively accessible across generational and spiritual divides.

We're pleased as punch to be involved with this project.  It’s all about making great music meant to help everyone wonder together about the big mysteries of life.  With Butterflyfish, all ages – great and small – can discover the old, old stories made shiny and new.

With all this in mind, we hereby announce a "Great and Small" CD Giveaway!  Leave a comment below (with your email address!) and we'll draw 5 lucky names out of a hat, and post the winners on Monday morning.  Good luck!

Love and banjos,

The SALT Project