Endangered Animals ABC's

Endangered Animals ABC's


The Endangered Species Act was recently weakened - and this isn’t only bad for other creatures. It’s bad for humanity, too. The web of life connects us all, and what it means to be human, as Genesis describes it, is to care for creation’s many creatures as best we can.

In that spirit, SALT is delighted to introduce a brand-new printable: an “Endangered Species ABC’s,” hand-drawn by illustrator extraordinaire Grace Habib. It’s perfect for every church nursery and Sunday School room, not to mention bedroom walls and refrigerator doors at home. Imagine going over the whole alphabet of faces together as a family, looking up the animals you don’t yet know, and finding out even more about the ones you do.

Little by little, one face at a time, we can help build the wider culture of care and wonder - from A to Z!

Files: This listing is for two downloadable PDFs (one with a quote from Genesis 8:17 and one without) designed to be printed on legal-sized (8 1/2x14) card stock or heavy paper.

Please note: You will not receive a physical product as this is a digital download. Also, this ABC poster is for personal/congregational/community use only, which means it's not meant to be reproduced commercially, or resold 'cause that would not be awesome :)

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