VIA Innovation Lab


If you haven’t heard of Via Innovation Lab yet, we’ve just got to introduce you! 

In a world where churches are becoming more and more concerned about making ends meet and less and less concerned about creativity and innovation, it can be hard to find like-minded creatives to travel with along the way.  Luckily, the Innovation Lab has a plan to bring people together and inspire impactful collaboration worldwide.  It’s a platform for sharing ideas, promoting peace, and jumpstarting projects that support social progress.  You can jump in with your own ideas, or give your feedback and support others’ project pitches.  More than simply a website, VIA is a community that welcomes your input and appreciates zest for all things creative and imaginative.   

After learning what VIA is all about, we were especially excited to collaborate with them on their new welcome film, a short piece that gives folks a glimpse into their mission.  Underlying themes of faith, life, and innovation converge with crisp visuals that we hope invite you to follow their shining example.  Click here to see just how VIA plans to create, imagine, and dream!

At SALT, we love creating vibrant, colorful, and evocative films - that’s no secret!  Part of why we enjoy projects like VIA’s is because our mission lies in helping folks tell their story in beautiful new ways.  We love creating inspiring, candid, authentic short films that motivate viewers into action, whether you’re part of a large organization, represent a small business, or front a local cause. 

You might be a writer that desires to share part of your story visually, a church that is ready to invite the whole world into God's embrace, or an artist showcasing her talent and opening up to her fans.  As a boutique production company, we are honored to have such talented individuals showcased in our client portfolio :)

If you have something inspiring and beautiful to share, let us know!  We would love to create a striking visual masterpiece that you (and we!) can be proud of.