“Free Compliment” Printable :)

Free Compliment Printable

Nothing brightens up a day quite like receiving a compliment - and by the same token, each compliment you give contributes to a worthy cause: increasing the happiness of humanity!

Introducing SALT's newest downloadable “Free Compliments” flyer, a nifty little way to add another ray of light to the world.  Hang one up anywhere and everywhere: at work, at school, on community bulletin boards everywhere - wherever a kind word might be welcome.  It's always the right time to do a little something to help someone along!

And what's more, it's always the right time to present your congregation as a community of kindness and delight, a church that cares about people outside its four walls.  Accordingly, each downloadable flyer is editable, so you can add your church's name and website to the flyer’s body and/or to the compliment tags themselves (it's up to you!).

Here's how it works:  1) download and edit the flyer, adding your church name and website; 2) print up as many copies as you’d like on regular 8.5x11 copy paper; 3) cut along the vertical lines on the bottom; 4) put them up all over town; and 5) tear off a tag and make someone's day.  Everyone can use a compliment!

The flyer's design is perfect for the Advent/Christmas season - or for any season at all.  So get the word out about your community of kindess, and make the world a little bit brighter along the way.  Think of it as "effervescent evangelism," a fun way to reach out and connect, one compliment at a time.

Printing Instructions: after you receive a link to your downloadable PDF, open it up in Adobe Acrobat, enter your church name and website into the form fields as desired, print PDF “Fit to Page,” then post with abandon :)

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