Printable Certificate of Awesomeness!

Printable Certificate of Awesomeness

Tell them how you really feel with SALT’s new, hand-illustrated, printable Certificate of Awesomeness

You know the feeling of being appreciated, of being reminded how much you’re truly valued, right?  Now, thanks to SALT's Certificate of Awesomeness, you can give that feeling to someone you care about, someone who meets life’s challenges head on, someone who always has a smile at the ready, or someone who is always putting others first!  

This SALTy original takes a lighthearted approach to an important gesture of gratitude.  And, as you can see, it combines Penny Dullaghan's lovely illustrations with this simple message: you are enough, you are worthy, and we appreciate you!  A sweet reminder for kids and grownups alike, especially since we often forget to say it.

So, don’t let another day pass without shouting out to those important people just how awesome they truly are!  And, when you get a chance, drop us comment below and let us know who you’re awarding with this certificate and why!