Baptismal Clip Art


Let’s be honest for a second…  

Most church graphics are muted, dorky, and boring - this is so not the case with SALT's new baptismal graphics:

Nothing muted, dorky, or boring here - just gorgeous imagery designed by us creatives over at SALT.  It's high time churches stop using amateurish clip art and start looking polished, beautiful, modern and bold while they communicate the good news of the gospel - especially on a baptismal Sunday!

At just $4.99, these printable watercolors are a steal and you can use them for newsletters, bulletins, mass mailers (email and print!), notecards, stationary, and even as your FB profile picture - the possibilities are endless!

Please click through to our entire clip art collection here and let us know (in the comments below!) what you think and if there's anything you'd like us to carry that we don't already have :)

Love and baptisms,

The SALT Team