Aliens in the Summertime


There’s just something about summer camp!  A familiar world - and a world set apart.  A place for madcap silliness, goofy songs, creativity free from judgment, independence galore, and a sense of sweet belonging.

This summer, our kids had a complete blast at our local arts camp (MoCo Arts CAKE Camp, one of the best on Earth, we’re convinced!), and with their comrades and the inimitable Adam Arnone of Push Record, they created an original song, “Aliens in the Summertime.”  And so we couldn’t resist taking some time out of our summer and making this animated short to help celebrate the song, the camp, all the counselors, and above all creativity itself - complete with the silliness and magic it deserves.  And, of course, sushi.  And crazy cats.  A fox with a guitar.  And a dancing alien.  :)