The Mystery of Advent Planning Made Easy

Advent Coloring Pages

As Advent approaches, here's a one-stop overview of SALT's new resources for making this Advent season vibrant, resonant, and inspiring: a new Customizable Short Film, beautiful coloring posters and pages, and a lovely Advent devotional coloring book.  

Best of all, you can mix-and-match these resources into a custom-made package for 20% off your total purchase (just enter the following coupon code at checkout: REVOLUTION).  This kind of overall approach can help integrate your website, social media, and worship; help build relationships across generational lines; and most importantly, help your community connect with the wondrous mysteries of Advent.

Here's the delectable menu: 

1) "God's Revolution of Love," SALT's New Customizable Short Film:  A lively, evocative take on the Advent and Christmas seasons, picking up on Mary as a revolutionary songwriter declaring how God's love changes everything, and inviting us to sing along.  As always, we customize each film to include your church name, website, and worship times - so it looks and feels like your own.  Perfect for your church website, social media, and as a sharable invitation to worship.

Intergenerational Advent Coloring Poster

2) Coloring Posters and Pages:  Perfect for all ages and framed around the season's traditional themes and passages of Scripture, these posters and pages follow Mary on her journey to the manger, from ordinary young woman to loving revolutionary. For Sunday School groups, Bible studies, intergenerational Advent workshops, or as a craft during worship or at home around an Advent wreath -- a rainbow of options await, each one opening new doors into the stories and big ideas of the season.

Advent Coloring Devotional

3) Advent Devotional Coloring Book:  An interactive, practice-oriented, biblically-grounded, theologically substantive invitation into Advent, ideal for individuals, families, and church groups of all sorts.  Each week provides images to color, mysteries to savor, ideas to explore, practices to pursue -- even dinner conversation starters to try!  And it's customizable, too, with an editable page on which you can add your church name, contact info, and worship service times.

Now mix-and-match!  For 20% your total purchase, combine two or more of the resources above for a holistic, integrated approach to the season, tying together website and worship, young and old, social media and colorful masterpieces!  Just use coupon code: REVOLUTION, and you're good to go!

Okay, that's all for now - happy Advent and Christmas planning!  And as always, thank you for your ministry, and for all you do to help advance God's revolution of love every day.


The SALT Team

p.s.  Here's a glimpse of all the coloring pages together :)

Advent Coloring Pages