12 Ways to be Christian: Customizable Short Film


The research is now overwhelming: short, shareable videos (or films!) are what make the interwebs go round, and SALT’s Customizable Short Films (CSFs) make it easy and affordable for your congregation to get into the game.

Many of our CSFs are seasonal (for Advent, Lent, etc.), but several are designed for year-round use - and “12 Ways to be Christian” is one of them.  It’s the perfect way to put your church’s best foot forward as a community committed to a practical, accessible, everyday vision of Christian faith as a way of life.

And what’s more, at just under a minute long which means it’s pitch-perfect for Instagram, Facebook, or embedding into an email invitation campaign your congregation will be proud to share with their friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Check the film out here - it just might be the best 58 seconds you spend all day!

The SALT Team