Spring, Summer, and Church Growth

spring, summer, and church growth

The days are getting longer, bird song is everywhere, and the warmest days of the year are just around the corner. Spring and summer are tailor-made for putting your best foot forward as a congregation in fresh new ways, and SALT’s Customizable Short Films are here to help.

Each short film is about a minute long, and is perfect for your church’s website, any and all social media channels, YouTube, Vimeo, worship services, and more!  They’re all miniature works of art that your community will love to share far and wide, making these customizable short films an ideal vehicle for invitation (especially since they include your congregation’s name, worship times, special services and events, etc.).

Here’s a roundup of SALT’s Customizable Short Films designed to help churches reach out, invite, and grow:

Want to emphasize how your church is a place for practicing our faith in practical, accessible, engaging ways? Check out “12 Ways to Be a Christian.”

Want to emphasize that your church is an intergenerational haven of simple, nourishing, beautiful joy?  Check out “Rainbow Bread.”

Want to emphasize that your church strives to practice God’s wide open welcome?  Check out “Rainbow Welcome Mat” and “Welcome!

Want to emphasize your congregation’s commitment to protecting and caring for God’s creation?  Check out “Bloom.”

And last but not least, want to emphasize that your congregation is a place of creativity and care?  Check out “Flower Power: Come Make Something Beautiful!

Now is the perfect time for your church to spring into action, bringing even more of God's new life and hope into the world.  If you have any questions or would like help ordering one of SALT's Customizable Short Films, drop us a line and we'll get back to you in a jiffy!


The SALT Team