BabyCenter "Checklist Collection"

BabyCenter and SALT

At SALT, we believe in the power of film to tell stories - and when a client calls us up and hires our team, we never hesitate to break out the confetti and add a pinch of pixie dust to create beautiful (and sometimes magical!) short films that explain who they are and why their work matters.

Our latest magic was created in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter, which is the number one source of pregnancy and parenting information on the internet.  The website reaches over 45 million parents from all around the world every single month (wow!).  Full of useful, reliable tips and helpful peer advice, BabyCenter strives day in and day out to improve maternal well-being and support healthy child development - and as a production company owned and operated by mothers, this is a mission we can get behind!

Over the years, we’ve created a number of lovely short film collections for BabyCenter, but our favorite just might be what we lovingly call the “Checklist Collection.”  We know first hand that on the journey to motherhood there are many bumps along the way, and so we gathered up all the confetti and pixie dust we could find and created three lovely little one-minute films - "First Trimester Checklist," "Second Trimester Checklist," and "Third Trimester Checklist" - to be a fun, informative, and colorful guide along the way.

If you’ve been around the SALT community for a while, you know we’ve worked with some big brands before (like Target, O Magazine, Oprah Winfrey Network, Pampers, and Stonyfield Yogurt), and we're more than delighted to add BabyCenter to our list of satisfied clients.

Artists, non-profits, authors, corporations, television networks, and small and large businesses alike all have their own stories to tell, and nothing captures the imagination like film.  So please make a note: SALT is open and available for hire!  Not only do we have creative expertise, we're equipped with the tools to make it happen.  All you have to do is give us a call and tell us a little bit about who you are and what makes you unique - we'll take care of all the rest.  Whether it's script-writing, creative development, filming, post-production, animation, audio production, visual checklists, or a meditating pregnant women reminding the world to “Slow Down and Breathe!” - we've got it covered.

Everyone has a story - and we'd love to tell yours!