SALT Customizable Short Films


Is your congregation considering trying one of SALT’s Customizable Short Films, but you're not yet sure if it's right for you?  We get it!  For many churches, using a short film – as an invitation tool, as social media outreach, as a worship service element, or all three – is unfamiliar territory, and it's not always clear where to start.

Fear not!  SALT has created a sweet little one-minute film to help introduce you and/or your colleagues and/or lay leadership to how these Customizable Short Films work, as well as to the benefits they've been providing hundreds of churches across North America. 

Take a minute – literally a minute! – to check it out for yourself.  It might just answer some of your questions, assist your discernment, and give your decision-makers a little nudge towards using the power of film to help bring your community and the good news of the Gospel to life in vibrant and modern new ways!