The Poetry of Lent: SALT Customizable Short Film

Scrolling through social media – from Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest to Twitter – it’s easy to see that video content is everywhere.  And that’s no accident.

Done well, video is hands-down the most effective form of social media marketing.  It’s engaging, inspiring, and easily sharable.

Great videos build trust, increase visibility – and Google absolutely loves them!  For example, your church is 53 times more likely to show up first on a Google search if you have video embedded on your website!

It’s time for churches everywhere to get into the game, and SALT makes it easy and affordable.  Our Customizable Short Films are theologically rich, beautifully produced, custom-tailored to your congregation – and available for a fraction of what it costs to produce from scratch (we do pricing on a sliding scale).

Hundreds of congregations across the country use these films in all kinds of ways: embedded on their website; on any and all social media channels; in email marketing; in worship services – even as TV and radio spots.

The benefits are real.  Here’s a few excerpts from recent testimonials:  “the film markedly increased our worship attendance”; “it raised our community profile – and our ‘cool factor’ – substantially”; and “for young and old alike, it was a hit on Facebook and in worship.”  But the feedback we hear most often is this:  “the film created a fun invitation tool for our current members to use with their circles of friends and family.”

This coming Lent is the perfect time for a Customizable Short Film, and SALT has several options to choose from, including our latest:  featuring beautiful language from both Scripture and Mary Oliver, this Customizable Short Film for Lent will extend your congregation’s hand to new and old friends, warmly inviting them to come along on the journey to the cross and the joy of Easter morning.

“The Poetry of Lent” stands alone as a visual invitation - but it can also be paired with SALT’s new Lenten Devotional, “Mary Oliver and the Poetry of Lent,” for a seamlessly integrated approach to the Lenten season.

This Lent, as winter gives way to the new vitality of spring, let SALT’s Customizable Short Films help you reach your goals.  Vibrant, growing churches have vibrant, growing digital marketing strategies – and after all, spreading the good news is at the heart of what it means to be church!

Elizabeth MyerComment