Meditations for Lent

Lent Worship Resources for Progressive Churches

With Lent just around the corner, here’s a few brief, lovely, thought-provoking meditations on the season, to help sprinkle some seeds on your Lenten planning. Spring is coming!

Resist is first up, one of SALT’s most-read blog posts ever, a meditation on Lent as a season of resistance and renewal.

Wilderness is an meditation on Lent and depression, an important, painful, and ultimately triumphant reflection on the season as a time of honesty, confession, and repentance.   A time to strip away the carefully manicured facade; a time to get real.   

And finally, for all those wanting to sink their teeth into a challenging Lenten practice with real impact on God’s creation, consider going vegan for Lent!  What better way to honor God’s living creatures - and creation as a whole - than giving up not only meat but all animal products, helping to preserve and respect the lives of our furry and feathered friends on God’s sweet earth?

Traveling mercies on the Way,

The SALT Team