Video Content Marketing For Your Church

Video Content Marketing For Your Church

Call us biased, but we’re pretty thrilled with recent research showing how powerful video can be for your content marketing strategy.  What does "content marketing" have to do with your church?  Put simply, content marketing boils down to sharing your passion with your audience in a way that tangibly helps them, and so makes them want to deepen their connection with your community.  It's "outreach" or "evangelism" for the twenty-first century. 

Why is video your best bet for increasing engagement with your church’s social media?  Hold on to your hats: research shows that social media videos get 1200% more shares than text and images combined!  And by 2019, forecasts show that up to 80% of internet traffic will be devoted to watching video.

Any church, large or small, can benefit from a strong content marketing strategy that features video and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, too).  Think about how many more people you could reach by adding video to your toolbox - and then get in touch with us!

When you team up with our team of experts over here at SALT, you don’t just get a bland marketing video.  You get customized content that speaks to your audience in ways that text posts alone can never do.  Video elicits emotion, brings words to life, and connects to viewers in a relatable, memorable, sharable way.

SALT’s Customizable Short Films might just be one of the easiest ways to earn increased engagement from your online followers, but you can use these films during church services, too.  With a wide buffet of films for many seasons, holidays, and themes, you can start strategizing sooner rather than later.

By defining your mission and infusing it into all your video materials, you can let social media do the work of promoting your church, attracting new members, and keeping current members connected, all without a hefty price tag or investing endless hours DIYing a film.  We make it easier to take action on your branding and marketing work, so you can focus on other aspects of church leadership.

Happy leading and reaching out,

The SALT Team

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