"Only Love Today" by Rachel Macy Stafford

"Only Love Today" by Rachel Macy Stafford

Quick: think of the last time you said something nice to yourself...  Can you even remember?

When was the last time you made it a habit to appreciate your own strengths?  Do you tell yourself it’s okay to make mistakes, especially if you're able to learn from them in the process?  Have you experienced the profound realization that living a life full of connection, authenticity, and forgiveness starts with accepting your own flaws, quirks, and beauty first?

Our new friend and fearless writer, Rachel Macy Stafford, has a new book coming out that will help guide your journey of self-acceptance (FINALLY!).  It's jam-packed with inspiration and Rachel’s sweet yet fierce encouragement to be our best selves.  We kind of feel like Rachel is the ultimate self-care cheerleader because we’ve already learned so much from her personal growth journey over the years at Hands Free Mama

So, you can imagine how delighted we were to team up with Rachel for a series of sweet, fierce, colorful, and inspiring book trailers for her upcoming release, Only Love Today.

For Rachel's new book, which releases on March 7th, we created four short films tied to the book’s themes of self-acceptance and personal progress.  The underlying message of each film is quite clear: we need to be present; we need to let go of the little things that get under our skin; we need to be comfortable in that same beautiful skin; and, we need to breath in deeply and love this day, this moment, this version of who we are!

Here's our first collaboration, “Get Off the Scale!”

As you watch, remember this: the most important moments are when we smile, kiss, hug, laugh, notice others, share love, and accept our quirky, lovely selves just the way we are!

We couldn't be more excited to me making art with Rachel and we can't wait for her wisdom to accompany everyone!  You can pre-order Only Love Today here, and don't forget to tell us what steps you're taking toward living a hands-free life!