Printable Illustrated Advent Calendar


Advent is a time of waiting and watching and praying for God to be more present in this broken and beautiful world.  

Advent is not a time of passivity - it is a waiting for hope that does justice; a waiting for peace that forgives freely; a waiting for joy that is merciful; and, a waiting for love that loves your neighbor as yourself.

This year, SALT has created a beautifully illustrated, Printable Advent Calendar to help folks all over the world wait actively by doing something simple every single day to help to make a world where God can be born again and again.  

Here's a little promo film we created to introduce the calendar:

As is our custom, we're making these calendars available on a sliding scale basis.  We're suggestion $12 for individuals; $25 for congregations with up to 100 members; $35 for congregations with 11-500 members; and $50 for congregations with 500 members or more.

Zip on over to the SALT Store and get your downloadable files today!  

And, if your congregation is interested in making the most of this sacred season by lighting candles, reading scripture, singing, praying, and using one of SALT's Customizable Short Films - you're in luck!  We have a new film that features our Printable Advent Calendar - you can check it out here!  We envision congregations using this film in the following ways: (1) on their website; (2) as a fun and vibrant invitation that church folks can forward to their friends, family members, co-workers, etc. on social media; and (3) as a beautiful invitation to your church during Advent and on Christmas Eve.

As you may have noticed, many large, tech-savvy churches are using short films on their websites, in worship, and on social media - but these films typically cost buckets of money to produce.  Our Customizable Short Films, on the other hand, are beautifully produced, inspiring, and cost just a few hundred dollars (and sometimes less because, in special cases, we use a pay-what-you can model!).  As a production company with a heart, it's our mission to give even the smallest churches the opportunity to strengthen their outreach with inclusive, justice-oriented, beautiful short films.

Finally, check out SALT's Advent Resource Round Up for even more fantastic ways to make the most of this marvelous and mysterious season!

Love and candlelight,

The SALT Team