What Cat Videos Can Teach Your Church!

Cat Videos and Marketing Ideas

We know, we know!  Cat videos are just plain awesome (SALT actually made its own cat video a while back in honor of St. Francis!).  Besides their sheer entertainment value, cat videos get shared A LOT on social media (if you don't believe us, check out these videos here, here, and here!)! 

So, the question is: can churches learn a few things about creating effective content from this extraordinarily popular genre of online entertainment?  The answer is an unequivocal "Yes!"

What cat videos have going for them boil down to four things:  they're engaging, entertaining, authentic, and therefore eminently shareable.  Even at a much smaller scale, these principles translate well as guideposts for your church's social media.

The key strategic move is to think not in terms of what will push your message out to a viewer, but rather what will inspire a viewer to actively share the content with someone else, who in turn may be similarly inspired.  And what do we share?  We share things that engage us (and so may engage our friends), that entertain us (and so may entertain our friends), and that strike us as authentic (and so may strike our friends the same way).

SALT's Customizable Short Films put vibrant, sharable, professionally-produced digital content within every church's reach.  Our short film, Welcome, for example, flings the doors of your congregation open so that God's rainbow-colored love and your church's welcome can extend far and wide.  And what's more, you can use these customizable short films on any or all of your church's social media outlets (think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and Pinterest), embed them into your website, use the audio for radio commercials, and even run them on TV! 

Over the last few years, our short films have helped countless congregations increase their online presence and exposure, inspiring conversations among church folk and the wider community.  For many churches, social media engagement is tough sledding - especially if you're on your own when it comes to creating engaging, entertaining, authentic, sharable media.  Our clients consistently testify that SALT's short films are real morale boosters internally, and lead to meeting lots of new folks on Sunday mornings who say, "I came because of that video I saw on Facebook!"

Now, it's true that for a cat video, hundreds of views on Facebook and YouTube may seem like small potatoes - but for many churches, these kinds of numbers represent major success (plus you get bragging rights that you work with an Emmy-award-winning production company!).

So, if you're ready to strengthen your church's outreach and flip that all-important online marketing switch, contact us to get the ball rolling!  Remember, we operate on a sliding fee scale in the hopes that our films might be attainable for churches of all shapes and sizes.  We're confident you'll agree:  our customizable videos are the cat's meow!