A Thank You Note to Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic

Dear Elizabeth Gilbert,

Thank you for your book, Big Magic.  We made this little film as a token of our gratitude, and illustration (in more ways than one!) of your remarkable letter to fear. 


But the main thing is this:  thank you.

Thank you for the fun, sweet, warm, and inspiring way you have encouraged all of us to unleash our creativity.

Thank you for extoling the power of ideas and inspiration.

Thank you for exploring the mysterious nature of creativity and teaching us how to quiet that noisy, common companion: fear.

Thank you for affirming that anxiety is a part of the process.

Thank you for the phrase, “stubborn gladness.”

Thank you for making us a little bit braver.

Thank you for helping us see that we too can find and create a little magic – even a little “big magic” – in this broken and beautiful, fearful and radiant, stubborn and marvelous world.


The SALT Team