"I Woke Up" by J. Kwest

Listen up y’all! 

Are you looking for a song that will help you hold onto these last days of summer as school and fall set in?  Are you looking for a new feel good jam for the gym, the drive to the office, a backyard BBQ, or an epic dance party?

Well, look no further because we want to introduce you to the newest tune from our very own Julian “JKwest” DeShazier.  You may remember Julian as part of the Emmy Award winning team behind SALT’s, "Strange Fruit."   But, long before he wandered onto our radar screen, he was busy preaching, teaching, rapping, and bringing a good word to the masses through music.  J.Kwest is all about helping you make the most out of the lemons in your life through his tunes.

His latest hit, “I Woke Up,” is the first single from his new (appropriately titled) album, "Lemonade."  It’s a feel good anthem, a self-confidence booster, a centering spirit lifter, a reminder on a rough day, a celebration of life, and a social justice magnum opus. 

You can listen to it here, buy it on iTunes, stream it on Spotify, check it out on SoundCloud - it's basically everywhere.  So, do us a favor: pour yourself some lemonade, rock out, and then pass the goodness along...  

You’ll thank us - we promise! 

Oh, and Rev. DeShazier - just so you know, we kind of love you!  Thanks for being part of the SALT family and for making the world a little bit sweeter and a whole lot groovier with your music!


Heidi (and the SALT Team)

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