Artist Profile : Penelope Dullaghan

Penelope Dullaghan

Sometimes you have one of those perfect fall days when the air is soft, the leaves are falling, the coffee is hot, and you’re doing what you love… 

We had that day last week when the SALT team woke up early; loaded up our gear; made our way over to Penelope Dullaghan’s house on Indianapolis’ mighty, two-forked, White River; and shot some beautiful footage to create an artist profile that would give others a glimpse into Penny’s creative process.

Penny Dullaghan is an award-winning illustrator who has been making vibrant, whimsical, and impactful art for over 10 years. She has worked with a wide variety of clients, including Crate & Barrel, New York Times, Starbucks, Oprah Magazine, Target, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Vegetarian Times, The Washington Post, Papyrus, and Panera Bread Company (we love their vegetarian autumn squash soup!).

Here is some of Penny's work:

Penelope Dullaghan
Penelope Dullaghan

And, here's what we came up with for her artist profile (you might be surprised how we got so much warmth, beauty, and fun into one minute!):

We are pleased as punch to let everyone know that the beautiful piece of art created for this profile is now available in Penny's Etsy Store.  It’s a beautiful visual exploration of Mary Oliver’s famed quote, “Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.”

We’re crazy about that print, those Mary Jane’s, and the imagination that places the universe (created with paint and SALT) into a young girl’s shadow - if something in your life made you forget that art can change the world, you can thank Penny for this dreamy reminder!

Go ahead and purchase the print here and, when you're finished checking out, pat yourself on the back for supporting an independent artist who is changing the world one brush stroke at a time :)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


The SALT Team


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