Advent Countdown!


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Are you puzzled by how to use social media to gain new church members?  Are you looking for vibrant short films that inspire your congregation?  Are you perplexed with how to market your church without spending a gazillion dollars?

Pastors and churches across the country want answers to all of these things but they seem nearly impossible to obtain on a limited church budget.  Thanks be to God, the uber creative people over at SALT have come up with an idea to solve all of these problems (and more!): SALT's Customizable Short Films.

With SALT, church growth, social media, and beautiful church marketing do not have to be as scary as lions and tigers and bears!

SALT to the Rescue

Many large, tech-savvy churches are using short films on their websites, in worship, and on social media – but these films cost buckets of money to produce. SALT’s Customizable Short Films are both award winning and inspiring, and cost just a few hundred dollars (or even less because we use a sliding scale pricing model).

It is our mission to give even the smallest churches the opportunity to strengthen their outreach with inclusive, justice-oriented, beautiful short films. And, the best news of all: we have a new customizable film ready for Advent 2015! 

So, check out the new film here and purchase your Advent 2015 customizable short film today by clicking here.  

Remember: your church has the ability to reach out and share God’s good news of hope, peace, joy, and love that is still slipping into the world - so, don't miss out!

The SALT Team