10 Best Things About Summer


There are many, many things that make summer so amazing but, the film above and the list below, rank as SALT's "10 Best Things About Summer":

1. Picnics

2. Fireflies

3. Swimming Holes

4. Strawberries

5. Watermelon

6. Fireworks

7. Lemonade

8. S’mores

9. Flip Flops

10. Unplugging

SALT is unplugging for the summer so that our team can enjoy these 10 best things and more!  This means, we'll be taking a well-deserved vacation from production, editing of any kinds, our blog, and customizing of any of our signature customizable short films until August.  We will, however, continue to offer our original clip art, digital film downloads, and hard copy/mail service delivery of any and all of our short films, t-shrits, and music.  

Our hope and prayer is that: 1) this doesn't cause any inconvenience and, 2) that all the folks who make up the beloved SALT community will join us in this time of summer sabbath!

See you in August and we can all catch up on our adventures…


The SALT Team