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IndieGoGo and SALT

SALT peeps!  We're stepping out in faith and doing an IndieGoGo (read: crowd sourced, fundraising campaign) to take our customizable short film project to the next level.

As may know already, progressive churches don't always have awesome media - but with SALT's customizable films they will!

SALT Customizable Short Films 

Many large, tech-savvy, and more-often-than-not conservative churches are using short films on their websites, in worship, and on social media – but these films can cost buckets of money to produce individually. 

SALT is working hard to provide progressive congregations with customizable, sharable short films that have the same high production values and tailored-to-your-church touch – but at a much more affordable price, and with much more open-hearted theology.

With SALT, what would normally cost a church thousands of dollars to produce or commission themselves – an excellent, inspiring short film – costs just a few hundred dollars or even less, depending on the church's ability to pay.  We use a sliding scale pricing model, giving even the smallest churches the opportunity to strengthen their outreach with inclusive, justice-oriented, beautiful short films.

To date, over 100 congregations around the country (both large and small) have participated in this pilot project.  Their positive feedback, enthusiasm, and gratitude have been overwhelming, and we're ready to scale up our efforts to the next level.

Why is SALT doing an IndieGoGo Campaign?

Over the last year, we have had great success with our customizable short film pilot project for progressive churches.  We're ready to take this idea to the next level with the help of the Indiegogo community. 

Once funding is secured, SALT's amazing team of artists will create five new, short, customizable, and sharable films to help strengthen progressive churches: one for Advent, one for Lent, one for Eastertide, and two more to help make Ordinary Time a whole lot less ordinary!  

We will create these short films within a six month period of time from August 2015 to January 2016.

SALT Gallery

We could wax poetic about how engaging, vibrant, and theologically rich these short films are, but a (motion) picture is worth a thousand words!  Click through the film links below to get a glimpse of SALT's work:  


Now that we have a year of creating customizable films under our belt, we know exactly what we need: each short film costs us about $4,000 to make (including scriptwriting, pre-production work, props, director of photography, one production assistant, gear and light rental, editing, mixing and mastering, color correction, hard drive fee, customization, and exporting fees - whew!).  

If each film costs $4,000, then five films will cost $20,000.  We then need to add $5,000 for Indiegogo fees and incidentals (we're always in need of a little childcare after school ends!).  So, the grand total we're asking for is $25,000.

These five new films will help us reach more than a 100 new churches, doubling our client base and moving this customizable film project up into a self-sustaining financial model for the sake of strengthening progressive churches everywhere.  

Risks & Challenges

Since we've been making these films for a year, we know what we need, how to troubleshoot, and how to recruit other artists to the team if necessary (there's a great artist community here in Indianapolis). One thing about filmmaking: each film is an adventure, and something always goes differently than you expect (like your cat refusing to wear a hat!). When these challenges come, we pull together, imagine from a new angle, and use the difficulty to push us in a new, creative direction.

Thank You!

Click here to check out the campaign!  And, thanks in advance for your consideration - we couldn't do any of this fun and important work without your support!