SALT's Digital "Thank You!" Note

My grandmother was an epic letter writer.  There were letters and cards for every occasion.  She never met an office supply she didn’t like.  That must be where I get it from!   She had stationary and stickers like you wouldn’t believe.  One year for Valentine’s day, we stuck shiny, red hearts on card after card after card and then all over every surface in the kitchen, from the floor to the ceiling (to this day, that is still what I imagine heaven to look like - my grandmother's kitchen covered in hearts!).

My grandmother also taught me the value of a good thank you note.  The simple act of offering up a few words of thanks can make all the difference in the world. 

"Give thanks in all things," Paul’s letter to the Thessolonians tells us.  As a pastor, I try to take Paul's words to heart and channel my grandmother’s legacy by writing thank you notes regularly as a part of my ministry.  But I know, I know...  Us pastors, we’re busy!  We mean well, but between committee meetings, preaching the Gospel, and following that Jesus guy, we don’t always have time for thank you notes and shiny red hearts.

That's where SALT comes in - get ready to get excited because our latest short film makes easy work of the holy gift of gratitude!  

Have you been looking for a cute, colorful, vibrant way to say thank you to folks who visit your church?  Have you been searching for a way to set your congregation apart from the pack?  Tired of coffee mugs and loaves of bread, or just want to add a zippy, new dimension to something that's already working great?  

Well, look no further!  SALT proudly presents our first digital "thank you note" that we've calling, "Flower Power."  And, the best part:  you can send us a photo of your church, pastor, sanctuary, or congregation and we can incorporate it into the little "green screen" we've created inside the frame at the end (that’s right, SALT's taken "customization" to the next level!). 

It is our hope that this short film will help congregations make light work of the important art of gratitude, keep your churches looking fresh and relevant to boot, and make all of our grandmothers (and Jesus!) pleased as punch!

For more information and for pricing, zip on over to SALT's Customizable Film Page, or drop us a line at

Peace and thanks,

The SALT Team