DIY Easter Eggs


Decorated eggs have a long and lovely history (archeologists have found beautifully engraved ostrich eggs that are over 60,000 years old in South Africa!).  Being a traditional symbol of fertility and rebirth, eggs have historically been used by Christians to symbolize the empty tomb: even though the egg resembles the stone used to seal the tomb, a bird breaks forth from the shell and immediately begins to sing (or peep!) a song of new of life.
To honor, play, and add a little sprinkle of SALT to this age-old tradition, we tried our hand at a fun, eco-friendly, and surprising vibrant method of dying eggs with old silk ties because really: who needs little cups of neon liquid that end up all over your clothes, table, hands, face, etc.?
So, check out the little short above (or click here).  We promise you’ll be dye-ing to try this method sometime during the holy season of Lent or during Holy Week!  And, be sure to gather everyone around as you unwrap your eggs – the Easter-esque surprise will make your heart sing (or peep!) with joy, hope, love, and newness of life!
Peace and love,
The SALT Team
p.s.  If anyone is interested, SALT can customize this little gem with your church's Easter Sunday services :)  Click here for more information!