Lent: An Invitation

We know, we know - we're only half way through Advent and SALT is releasing a new Lenten Customizable Short Film!  

In our defense, this just-around-the-corner-liturgical-season begins on Ash Wednesday, February 10th, 2016, which is less than two months away.

So, in order to help churches across the country reach out with beautiful new media suitable for websites, social media, local tv/radio spots, etc., we have created a brand new Customizable Short Film entitled, Lent: An Invitation.

Here's the script:

Lent is an invitation.

For forty days, we are invited to give up selfishness and to take on compassion; invited to confess our brokenness, so that Christ might rise up in us and through us to stitch the world back together again.

Lent invites us to fast from “church the way it’s always been,” and to feast on God’s amazing grace that is pulling love out of violence, hope out of despair, and life right out of death.

Lent is an invitation, and you are invited to Northwood Christian Church, as we journey together through the forty days of Lent; confessing our brokenness; singing of God’s love for all; and preparing our hearts for God’s springtime that is breaking forth even now.

You are invited!

As is our practice, we are making these films (customized with your church’s name, website, and Sunday services throughout Lent and on Easter morning!) available to congregations and not-for-profit organizations on a sliding scale basis.  We’re suggesting $175 for churches with 50–100 members; $275 for churches with 100–500 members; and $375 for churches with more than 500 members - but, please know if this price point is not possible, we’re open to a “pay what you can” model.


The SALT Team

p.s. Happy Advent and almost Christmas :)